What would you expect from a dermocosmetics brand? What exactly would be your prejudices and sensitive points regarding beauty and health? How well do we know you or are we informed about your necessities? 15 years old arduous experience in beauty and health sector is the reason that we have reached to the position that enables us to answer to all these questions. While following very closely all the pertaining innovations; in the fields of beauty, cosmetics, health and weight loss, we have been offering our services for many years by adequately analyzing the needs of people from every age group; from every place and from all walks of life.


The idea of turning our experience in the sector into a dermocosmetics brand exhilarated us to a great extent. It became our intention to reach more people while bringing health and beauty to every home; to share our long-term experience with people. Just as the word “flora” encapsulates all the plant species in an area, we have determined our brand, in the hope of establishing a brand that would cater to all demands as “Hill-Flora”(Hillora as the amalgamation of that) which stands for a hill surrounded by flowers. In this respect, we have meticulously conducted our Research and Development work which has comprised: the production of the very first output, the herbal content, the digital design and our sales operation. And today, we present to you: Hillora. Our brand possesses and offers face and body creams, serums, skin care products and herbal teas. All the necessary clinical and dermatological tests of our products have been meticulously carried out. Further, the PTS(Product Tracking System) records have been entered into the system and verified by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. Their effects have been proven by all the laboratory tests which are backed up by numerical data.


Being established by %100 domestic and national capital, Hillora Cosmetics embraces an innovative, positive and satisfaction-oriented approach while making the customer satisfaction its number-one priority.


It is time now, to feel the unparalleled power of Hillora; the name of the inspiring formula of nature that names our slogan: “Feel the Beauty!”



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