Hillora Fit Detox - %100 Herbal Formula Detox Tea

Hillora Fit Detox - %100 Herbal Formula Detox Tea

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The product is highly effective in removing the edama in the body and provides purification from toxins. Thanks to the cinnamon its formula has, it ameliorates the regulation of the digestive system and balances blood sugar.

Use: Before meals, by adding 1 glass of boiling water and brewing it for 5-10 minutes, drink it 2 times a day.


Warnings: It should not be consumed during pregnancy and lactation. Kidney patients are recommended not to use it. Those who take diuretics should consume this product with caution. The product must be consumed within 1 month after opening its lid.

Storage Conditions: It should be stored in a cool and dry area without exposure to sunlight.

Contents: Cherry Stalk, Corn Silk, Parsley, Cinnamon, Ground Pine Seed, Orange.

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